Photographer, visual artist, critic, curator. Achieved a diploma in photography at Department of Multimedia Communication at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań at a workshop of intermedia photography under the lead of professor Piotr Wołyński (2003). She learned photography from Edward Weston's grandson, Kim in Carmel, California (2002) as well as Ansel Adam's assistant - John Sexton in Aspen, Colorado; Grant Holder of Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, USA (2003). As an artist-in-residence took part in an international project "Florida - First Contact" at Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida (2002).
She writes about photography to Photography Quarterly, Photopapers and worked with Positive. Translates texts about photography to English. Since 2003 teaches photography at the Academy of Photography where she leads her own photography and other media workshop. Her photographs, video and installations are exhibited in Poland, abroad (USA, Germany). She was a curator of Young Polish Photography 'Globe-all?' in Tuscon, Arizona (2004) where she spent 3 months as an artist-in-residence. She had an individual exhibition and presented a lecture about Polish photography in Tuscon PIMA Arts Council. Portfolio reviewer during the Photography Month in Kraków (2008). Finished English and Russian studies at UAM in Poznań. Apart from photography she works with installations and video.